Precision Air Slit Apertures
Spatial Filter Apertures

  • 1 inch standard mount
  • blackened
  • high quality
  • from stock
  • fits most standard spatial filters.
  • Pinholes, Air Slits and Bar Targets for Optical,
    Laser and Scientific Applications

    @@Quality Standards:

    Edge Finish:

    < 40 inch nominal


    < 0.5m per mm

    < 2m per inch

    Substrate Specifications:

    Finish : Unblackened (see options)
    Material: 302 stainless steel, non-magnetic
    Diameter: 3/8 inch (0.375 inch max), 9.53mm
    Positional Tolerance: ø.006 inch (0.15mm)
    Thickness: 0.0005 in. (12.7) for slits 5um and up. Note:  2-3um slits may be on either .0005 ss or supported .0002-.0003 ni.  1 slits include a .0005 support with
    a 2-4um thin Ni slit region.

    Standard Part Numbers,
    (see also Options)

    L = 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm ̃TCY L=3 ͕W݌ɕiłB
    Cat. No. Slit Width (m) Tol.
    2 - 1 (x L mm) 1.0m +0.5m, -0m
    2-2.5 (xLmm) 2.5m +1m, -0.5m
    2-5 (xLmm) 5m + 1m
    2-10 (xLmm) 10m + 1m
    2-25 (xLmm) 25m + 2m
    2-50 (xLmm) 50m + 2m
    2-100 (xLmm) 100m + 4m
    2-150 (xLmm) 150m + 4m
    2-200 (xLmm) 200m + 4m

    Standard Options
    Standard Round Holes
    Option Description
    B-1 Poly black, one side, ultra high (98%) emissivity 5m and up only


    Oxide, dull black, both sides 5m and up only


    Extra heavy substrate, 0.005 inch (0.127mm) thick,thinned down to required Ni thickness and with .047in. orientation notch. (Included with 1-2 micron slits. Maximum slit length: 5mm.)

    CT Closer Tolerance; half of listed tolerance
    25-50m100m and up
    LL Longer lengths up to 100mm

    standard mounts
    Mount Description


    25mm blackened aluminum mount (24.95mm x 2.54mm thk)

    M-1 1 inch blackened aluminum mount (0.996 inch x 0.100 inch thk)


    18mm blackened aluminum mount (18mm x 2.54mm thk)


    0.5 inch blackened aluminum mount (0.496 inch x 0.050 inch thk)

    Calibrations and Certifications

    Type Description


    Calibrated; actual size, ± 1 m or 1%
    (20m and up), end-center-end